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At Texas Orthopedic Surgery Consultants, we continually strive to lead the way in medical care with personal attention to our patients. Our practice continues to be directed by a founding philosophy that centers around treating each and every patient the way we ourselves would want to be treated. We make the time to concentrate on each patient as an individual, believing that each and every patient with an orthopedic problem deserves a truly individual focus.

Texas Orthopedic Surgery Consultants offers fracture care and general orthopedic services for all ages of patients, replacement of the hip and knee joint, as well as sports medicine services.  Each patient is unique, and the same treatment is not always the right option between patients.  We strive to provide our patients with the dedicated, individualized care that each deserves.  Whether surgery or nonoperative management is the right choice, we provide everything from casting of a young child’s wrist injury to surgical fixation of traumatic injuries to replacement of hip and knee joints if all else has failed to relieve pain or restore function.

For those patients with hip or knee problems, there is no “one size fits all” solution—nor is surgery the only answer. For those patients for whom replacement of the hip or knee is the right choice, our surgeons plan well in advance of the day of surgery. Preoperative CAT scan or MRI images are used to create patient-specific surgical guides and implants to be used during the surgical procedure. For others, robotic-assisted surgery is the right choice. Both of these cutting-edge techniques are tailored to the unique anatomy of an individual patient, minimizing the risks inherent with earlier generation instrumentation to give our patients the best chance at a superior outcome. We believe that these additional steps contribute to faster recovery times, less postoperative pain, and quicker return to function in comparison to eariler knee and hip replacement techniques.

Our surgeons utilize the very best proven medical and surgical techniques, instrumentation, and surgical components to tailor a solution that best serves the individual patient. Continual training and education on the latest medical discoveries and surgical breakthroughs provide an intense focus on relief from pain, restoration of function, and reproduction of mobility to our patients.


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